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The event was held in St. Petersburg, February 27-29, 2020. The congress was well organized and many very good scholarly works were heard. Colleagues from Kazakhstan made arrhythmologists with oral and poster presentations.

Oral reports:
1) “Ablation of ventricular arrhythmias in children”, A. Abdrakhmanov
2) "High-density mapping of complex atrial arrhythmias." Abdrakhmanov A.S.
3) “The first CIS experience in the use of HD-GRID high-density mapping catheter”, A. Bakytzhanuly
4) “Using the navigation system Ensite Presicion. Experience of the NSCC ”, A. Bakytzhanuly
5) “Catheter ablation of additional atrioventricular connection in children with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. A series of clinical cases ", Turubaev EM
6) "Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of various ablation technologies in atrial fibrillation in the long term", Baimbetov AK
7) “Age-related features of RFA in patients with WPW syndrome”, K. Bizhanov
8) “Catheter ablation without fluoroscopy in pregnant women”, Smagulova A.
Poster reports:
1) “Long-term results of a hybrid ablation technique for various forms of atrial fibrillation”, Baimbetov AK
2) "Evaluation of the results of cryoablation of the mouths of the pulmonary veins with atrial fibrillation in the long term by continuous monitoring using loop ECG recorders", Baimbetov AK
3) “The first experience in Kazakhstan of using a high-density PentaRay mapping catheter”, A. Bakytzhanuly

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